Thompson-Markward Hall


to your home on the hill

To the place that will be more than just where you sleep during the next months; to an elite pocket of the city; to a residence with a DC worthy history. Welcome to a time of exploration and adventure. To a new community of friends. Welcome home.

“TMH — welcoming & serving generations of young women in DC since 1887”

While you can always retreat to your private room, at TMH, you never have to worry about eating alone. There are plenty of opportunities to be social; to connect with fellow residents. From the dining hall to the piano room; the private gardens to the library. And just outside our front door, a community – a city – awaits.

Dining & Amenities
Delicious meals & modern convenience
Take a peek under the hood
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Resident Resources
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Calling TMH Alumni!
A powerful network of women.
The TMH Story
One of history & heart

From small-town newcomers to international travelers, TMH has served as a welcoming and inspiring destination for countless young women. Hear some of their stories first-hand.

Meet TMH

We have been welcoming residents since 1833. A few decades ago, we began inviting residents to share stories of their time at TMH. Here, we’ve collected a few. Find out, in their words, what makes TMH special. (And to catch a glimpse what it was like to live as a woman on Capitol Hill in past eras!)

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