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The Benefits of Co-Living In DC

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The Benefits of Co-Living In DC

Do you want to make DC your permanent or temporary home? Co-living may be the perfect solution for you! In such a popular, densely, and diversely populated area, co-living provides unique benefits as well as popular conveniences at affordable prices. Find out more about co-living and how you can find the perfect place to stay in Washington DC!

What Is Co-Living?

Co-living is a trend that has recently become popular again and involves sharing a living space with others in order to make housing more affordable. In co-living situations, individuals can either have a private room or live with a roommate, but always share communal spaces like kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms.

Co-living is also a flexible housing option for people who are traveling or relocating. Many co-living options offer short stays, which can be for days, weeks, or months. 

What Are the Benefits of Co-Living?

There are many benefits to co-living, especially in larger cities like Washington DC. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reduced cost of living – Co-living situations are much cheaper than standard housing or paying expensive rent for an apartment. This provides residents with a great place to live without breaking the bank. 
  • Less maintenance – Co-living also allows you to live without worrying about having to fix things when they break. This means less time doing maintenance and more time doing the things you enjoy. 
  • Sense of community – Co-living provides residents with a sense of community since they share living spaces with others. This gives people the opportunity to connect with one another, make new friendships, and have people they can turn to if they need help with something. 
  • Proximity to popular destinations – Because co-living is a cheaper living option, it allows residents to live in areas that they might not normally be able to afford. In DC, this means tenants could be close to places like Georgetown, the National Mall, museums, and more.
  • Safety – A major benefit of co-living is that it provides a safe living option for individuals who may otherwise be living on their own. When living with others, there is always someone else looking out for you and checking in.

Thompson-Markward Hall is a residence hall in Washington DC that provides temporary co-living housing for women from all around the country who have upcoming engagements in our area. Whether you’re here on a work assignment, internship, or even a special event, we aim to provide you with clean, safe living accommodations that are easy on your wallet and tailored to your needs. 

All of our units have common amenities, such as a fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities—think of us as your home away from home! Whatever kind of co-living experience you’re after, Thompson-Markward has it all! Visit our website to learn more about our accommodations or fill out an application today so you can start enjoying all of the benefits of co-living in DC!