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How To Meet People in a New City (and Why It’s So Important)

How to Meet People in a New City (and Why It’s So Important)

How To Meet People in a New City (and Why It’s So Important)

Humans are hardwired to be social. Our relationships with others give our lives meaning, bring us security and contentment, and even support our overall health. And yet, a 2018 study on loneliness in America revealed that around one in four respondents feel that they never or rarely belong to a group of friends, and that they rarely or never can find companionship when they want it.

Moving can make it even harder to find community, which is why it’s so important to know where to meet new people. Prepare yourself to make new friends in your new surroundings, and check out these helpful tips.

5 Tips for Meeting New People

1. Bond with your new peers.

More than likely, you’re moving—or have moved—because of a job, internship, or other opportunity. Start there and make friends with your new peers, whether they’re coworkers, fellow interns, or classmates. Even if you don’t get along spectacularly with any of them, they may have connections that lead you to your best friendships in your new home.

2. Lean into what you love.

The best way to find friends is to seek out people with similar interests. You can do this by joining clubs or classes you enjoy, such as art classes, book clubs, foreign language classes, and more.

Another excellent way to find like-minded people is to volunteer for a local cause or organization you care about. Find service opportunities near you with tools like VolunteerMatch.org, and connect with people that share your values.

Attend local events that look fun! Check those coffee shop flyers for ideas. Highly specific local festivities like DC’s National Cherry Blossom Festival are a great way to connect with the community.

3. Make your physical activity work double-time.

Get extra benefits from your exercise by using the time to meet new friends. Join a gym or yoga studio, sign up for fitness or dance classes, or join an amateur sports team. Take your dog for a walk in the park for an easy opportunity to meet animal lovers.

4. Visit local vendors.

Frequent local shops to connect with both business owners and patrons. Check out your local farmers markets and flea markets, too.

5. Seek out living arrangements that promote community.

If you haven’t yet decided where to live in your new city, look for accommodations that value community, like residence halls. We at Thompson-Markward Hall have our own beautiful residence hall that offers community-centered co-living in the heart of DC.

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