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5 Tips To Prepare for a Virtual Interview

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5 Tips To Prepare for a Virtual Interview

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things around the world. One of the areas that has been changed the most is the work landscape, as many jobs moved from in-person to work-from-home. That also meant that the application and interview process went virtual as well. Even as things begin to return to normal, however, virtual interviews seem to be here to stay. In this article, we’ll share 5 of the most important tips to prepare for a virtual interview

How To Prepare for a Virtual Interview

Make Your Virtual Identity Professional

Since most job postings are online these days, the first thing a recruiter or hiring manager is going to see is your virtual identity. This is made up of your overall online presence, and includes things like your email address, picture, social media accounts, and networking profiles. In fact, around 70% of employers use social media as a way to screen applicants, so make sure to double-check all of your accounts and public information to make sure everything is appropriate and professional.

Test Everything Before the Interview

Before the interview, it’s also important to test all of your devices to ensure everything is connected and running smoothly. Make sure your WiFi connection is stable, your computer is plugged in or has enough battery to last through the interview, your camera is working properly, and your audio/voice input—whether using headphones or your computer’s audio—is clear and there are no issues. 

Find a Quiet Area

In addition to testing all of your devices, it’s also a good idea to find somewhere in your home that is quiet and free of distractions. It could be an office, a bedroom, or anywhere else that is clean, quiet, and won’t have any disruptions while you are being interviewed. This will allow you and the interviewer to communicate clearly with one another, and avoid any disturbances during your interview.

Dress Nicely

While your interview may be virtual, you shouldn’t look like you just rolled out of bed for it. That means you should still wear nice, professional clothing, and make sure your overall appearance is appropriate. Doing so will show that you are taking the interview seriously and dressing the part for your potential role. 

Pay Attention to Your Body Language

Even though you’re being interviewed over video, the interviewer will still be able to see you, so pay attention to your body language. Pretend that you are in an office being interviewed in person, so show that you are actively listening, sit up straight and try not to slouch, be aware of the faces you are making, try not to yawn, and conduct yourself as you would in a normal interview.

After that, follow additional tips for all interviews, like being prepared, asking questions, being honest, building a connection, and following up shortly after the interview.

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