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Recent Networking Trends You Should Pay Attention To


Recent Networking Trends You Should Pay Attention To

Networking is a critical aspect of finding a job and furthering your career. Just like making friends, connecting with other professionals is essential when it comes to work. In fact, networking is so important that 85% of jobs are filled through personal and professional connections made through networking. While there are plenty of useful evergreen networking tips, there are always new trends that come along. In this article, we’ll share some of the recent networking trends you should pay attention to.

Networking Trends To Consider Utilizing

  • Actively Network – While this may seem obvious, there are plenty of individuals in the workforce who don’t actively network. This leaves them without any connections and with very little help when it comes to furthering their careers. No matter what it takes, even if it’s uncomfortable, you should make actively networking a priority in your life. Networking happens in a variety of ways and can be as simple as grabbing coffee with someone you respect in your industry.

  • Use Multiple Networking Websites – While LinkedIn is revered as the top networking site, there are many additional sites that you should consider using. You never know when one connection will make a difference in your life. Some other good networking sites are Invitly and Xing. You can also move beyond standard networking websites and engage with other professionals on platforms like Medium, Quora, Reddit, and GitHub.

  • Tell Your Story – Another emerging trend is to tell your story instead of “selling” it. The idea behind this is that you want to come off as interesting to whomever you are attempting to connect with. Use storytelling to uniquely describe a narrative of your work experience and what you are striving to achieve in the future. When you reach out to someone, send a personal, distinctive message that will grab their attention and be something that they can’t forget. People are more likely to be helpful and connect with you if you are creative and memorable.

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