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The Benefits of Using Social Media for Networking


The Benefits of Using Social Media for Networking

Social media is something that the majority of the people on the planet use daily. In fact, 82% of the population of the United States uses social media, and over 4 billion people use it worldwide. While many people primarily use social media as a way to talk to friends, share entertaining content, or learn about what is happening in the world, it can also be incredibly beneficial as a networking tool. In this article, we’ll share some of the main benefits of using social media for networking.

The Beneficial Relationship Between Using Social Media and Networking

Using social media for networking—also referred to as social networking—may seem counterintuitive since social media is where many people go to get away from work and their worries. However, it can be a powerful networking tool. Here’s how:

  • Easily Connect – Everybody loves less work, and let’s be honest, talking to people and socializing in person can be downright draining. This can be especially true when you are trying to network and make connections. Social media makes this easier by allowing you to connect with others online wherever you are in the world, communicate with them when it works for you, and provide a more accessible networking experience overall. 

  • Instant Access – Similarly, social media provides you with instant access to someone’s profile once you have connected with them. This means that networking can be instantaneous and you don’t have to wait for any in-person meetings or events.

  • Share Relevant Information – Using social media to network also enables you to share relevant information with your connections. This makes it easy to swap resumes, share content, send job listings or helpful articles, and more.

  • Reach More People – Utilizing social media for networking also makes it possible to reach more people since so many people are online and it is so easy to connect. This means you don’t have to meet contacts in person in order to connect with them, allowing you to connect with as many people as you want.

  • Stay Up to DateSocial media networking sites like LinkedIn make it incredibly easy to stay up to date on what is happening with your connections. This is because you can share new information, job opportunities, work updates, and keep your finger on the pulse of your network much more easily. This allows you to understand what is happening with the people in your network and ask them for a favor when you need one or provide assistance when they need it.

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