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Time Travel is Real.

Peek in the front door of TMH and here’s what you might think — wow, time travel is real.The dark wood paneling. Heavy oil paintings of our 19th century benefactors. Eleanor Roosevelt, cutting a ribbon in celebration of one of our early expansions, and smiling in a newspaper clipping. (Yes, the Eleanor Roosevelt.) This place is a rich slice of women’s history; part of a story that continues to evolve as time passes, residents move on and new ones occupy our rooms.

While the aesthetics reflect an inspiring heritage, TMH keeps its eyes firmly fixed on the future. Its mission is tied to a simple idea that’s reverberated through decades: to provide a safe, affordable place for young women to live while pursuing their dreams here in DC. Though these dreams and opportunities certainly have seen seismic shifts since we welcomed our first resident (hello 19th amendment!) — the need for a place like TMH has remained fixed.

Through the years, we have welcomed residents in all kinds of jobs; jobs that have changed with changing times. For instance, we saw a mini-influx of the Nation’s first FBI women in the early 1960s. Today, our residents are often Congressional pages and interns; masters, PhD and law students. Young women working hard to prepare for and launch meaningful careers.

We love that we get to play a role in the lives of so many women reaching for something more.

This is our story. And just possibly yours.


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