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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the questions that current and prospective residents raise are addressed in the TMH Rules, which must be read before applying and can be viewed by clicking Rule-packet-Emergency-Procedures-Updated-12-2019

Below is a list of frequently asked questions.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.


Reservations must be a minimum of two weeks.

Simply visit the APPLY page and submit your information online!

Applicants who apply to stay at TMH when there are no vacancies are automatically placed on the waiting list.

Rooms become available when a future resident cancels their reservation or a long-term current resident shortens her stay and departs early.

Fill out and submit an Arrival/Departure Date Change Request Form to change your arrival or departure dates.  If you have not been offered a room yet, then click here to visit our Rates & Application page to submit a new application with your new dates. Current residents who wish to move up their departure date must provide at least 14 days notice before moving out.

TMH does have three double occupancy rooms.  However, management will only place a resident in a double occupancy room after all single rooms have been filled. The Assistant Director may move reservations until a residents check in therefore we are not always able to give advanced notice if a resident has been placed in a double room.

You may communicate with your future roommate by emailing the Assistant Director at assistantdirector@tmhdc.org and she will forward your email to your future roommate.  TMH will not disclose a resident’s personal information to anyone without prior written consent.


Upon your arrival at TMH, you will need to present a government-issued photo I.D., proof of COVID-19 vaccination, and you will be required to pay room and board for the entire month.  We accept personal checks, cashier checks, and money orders at all times.  You may also pay by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or Discover cards are accepted), which includes a $10.00 service fee. You may also pay online via PayPal, which includes a $20.00 service fee. TMH will not accept cash as payment for charges of more than $50.

TMH does not give out room information or assignments prior to your check-in due to the daily changes in our room occupancy.

There is no parking available at TMH except temporary, street parking during arrivals and/or departures.  To unload or load your belongings, you may temporarily park in front of the TMH building for a period no longer than 20-30 minutes provided that the vehicle’s hazard lights are on and there is no police or other emergency.

What to Bring

Yes, you do need to bring your own linens and laundry detergent. TMH does not provide linens or laundry detergent. However, TMH does provide a comforter, a pillow, and an extra blanket for each resident. Tide pods may be purchased at the front desk.

Yes, we provide a storage area for bikes in the basement.  TMH recommends bringing a bike lock because TMH is not responsible for the personal property of residents.

Check out our packing list for a list of what you should – and shouldn’t – bring! TMH asks that residents bring a reusable plastic cup or mug when taking drinks from the dining hall during non-meal hours.  You may also want to bring a robe to use when traveling between your room and the bathroom, especially during business hours (9:00 am to 5:00 pm) because there are often male maintenance staff members on the resident floors.

Such appliances pose a fire hazard and are not permitted in resident rooms. Several community refrigerators, freezers, and a microwave are located in the recreation room for resident use.  Drinks are available in the dining hall and recreation room 24-hours a day.  In the event that a resident needs to refrigerate an item for medicinal purposes, she should speak to TMH management about making special arrangements.

Life at TMH

Please click here to review our guest policy: TMH_Guest_Policy_2014-1

No one is given a key to the front door.  Residents only receive a key to their personal room.  Entry to the building is granted by a 24-hour front desk attendant.

Residents and their guests must wear street clothes and proper shoes while on the lobby level.  Bare feet, bathing suits, and sleepwear are not permitted on the lobby level and are dining hall health code violations.

Yes, the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx deliver mail and pick up packages at TMH on a daily basis.  Residents must label their outgoing packages with the appropriate postage and shipping labels.  Incoming residents may send mail and/or packages up to one week (7 days) prior to their arrival at TMH and provided the resident’s name and check-in date are listed on the mail or package.  There is no need to include a room number when sending mail or packages to a resident.

Yes, wireless Internet is available throughout the building and the cost is included in the room and board. Residents will be given the Wi-Fi access code upon their arrival and check-in at TMH.

There is a television with digital cable available for resident use in the recreation room.  Residents may reserve a time slot for the television by visiting the front desk.  However, there are no coaxial cable jacks in the resident rooms.  Residents may bring a television for their room and can obtain a digital antenna at an electronics store to access basic local channels.

If a resident notices a maintenance issue in her room (i.e., a burnt out light bulb, issue with heat/AC, need more hangers, etc.) or in a common area of the building (i.e., an overflowing sink, a broken washer/dryer, a clogged toilet, etc.), she may notify Building Services by filling out a maintenance request or by notifying the front desk.

Because most of the women in the building are new to the area, many are looking to meet new people.  TMH offers programs each month which offer opportunities for residents to connect. However, TMH encourages residents to make their own connections by introducing themselves to others at dinner and frequently using the recreation room and common areas.

Residents are encouraged to apply to work as a Resident Front Desk Operator. This part-time position is a great opportunity to become more involved in our community while earning room and board credits. Resident Operators may also apply for Resident Manager positions at TMH. Learn more here.


Food may not be taken from the dining room. Drinks may be taken from the dining room in your own cup or mug. Residents may purchase their own food and store it in the communal refrigerators/freezers.

While TMH does not particularly cater to vegetarians/vegans, there is usually a vegetarian option on the menu and the salad bar is always available during dinner.

No, but there is a microwave available for use in the dining room as well as a microwave, three refrigerators, and one freezer for resident use in the recreation room.