Thompson-Markward Hall

Continue Our Rich Heritage

tourOur desire is that we continue to offer the unique TMH experience to women like you for decades to come. A place from where young women can confidently venture out on their own, spread their wings. Grow.

We believe that the uniqueness of the actual space TMH occupies is core to the TMH experience. Ours is no less than a living, breathing historic landmark. A place that blends an inspiring, rich heritage with modern convenience and innovation—no small feat, really, but a feat well worth the effort.

This is where you come in. We invite you to play a role in ensuring that it remains as such.

There are multiple ways that you can support us—through an easy online donation via the secure form below—or feel free to contact us for larger gifts, see below.

Planned Giving

TMH offers various options for planned giving—gifts of retirement assets, bequests, estate planning, for examples—that work to ensure a bright TMH future while potentially earning financial benefits for your gift.

Contact the Executive Director at 202-546-3255 or email to discuss. We’d love to hear from you.