TMH Alumnae Newsletter December 2016

TMH: Yesterday, Today  & Tomorrow

REACHING OUT: My name is Cathi Coridan, and I am the new Executive Director at TMH.  When I arrived in July, I made a promise to the Board to begin to establish, or reestablish, connection with the thousands of TMH alumnae who are spread around the world. This newsletter is the first step toward achieving that goal. For some of you, it has been years since you heard from us or even thought about TMH.  For others, it seems like yesterday since you were here, and it may really have been since six residents checked out yesterday!

To share memories of days past, provide an update on what is happening with the young women who live here today, and share our plans for ensuring that TMH remains a relevant and dynamic resource for young women moving to DC from across the country and around the world, we plan to send out and post four newsletters to the website per year. The newsletter calendar will be on February 23rd to mark the anniversary of our Charter by Congress; in May and September as they are the beginning and end of the primary cycles for residents checking in and out; and at the end of year as a brief annual report.

HELP WANTED: I have two favors to ask to help us make our alumnae engagement more effective and fun!  I am conducting a half dozen individual interviews and several focus groups with former residents in January – in person, at TMH and virtually, via conference call and Skype.  Also, we will also be featuring an alumna in each newsletter, so I need volunteers to share your story of your TMH time and beyond. To ensure that your voices are represented in the upcoming strategic planning, I want to be sure we include a variety of participants from across many years. If you are interested in participating or want to learn more, please email me at with the subject line “alumnae engagement” and include your name, email address, phone and the year/s you were at TMH. Focus groups and interviews will take place throughout January.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Building & Grounds Update

Here’s a quick update on our beautiful, historic (read: old!) building. During the fall, we undertook several massive HVAC projects, including work on the boiler and new insulation for the HVAC pipes on all of the resident floors. We also painted the dining room, repaired several areas of the front of the building that had caused water damage in the small parlor and rebuilt the front wall in that room. It was quite messy around here for a few weeks, but the insulation will be much more effective, the rebuilt boiler and new controls will allow us to be much more energy-efficient and the dining room and parlor look fresh and welcoming!

The new three year strategic plan, which the Board will finalize this spring, will include additional improvements and upgrades to the common living space to continue to enhance the TMH experience. 








The beauty of TMH decorated for Christmas and the holidays sure makes it easy to remember what made living here – whether for two weeks or two years – so very special!
The Board Trustees, TMH staff and current residents wish you a very Merry Christmas, a grace-filled holiday season and a happy and healthy 2017.

Coming in 2017…

We will celebrate the 130th anniversary of our Congressional Charter on February 23rd by launching the TMH Annual Campaign, offering our alumnae the opportunity to share #myTMHstory and make an investment in our mission that will endure for generations.
But, you don’t need to wait until February to make a contribution.  If you are ready to include TMH as part of your year-end giving, it’s as easy as clicking here to go to the GIVE page on our new website.  We thank you in advance.